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The Aurora Area Relies On Our Trusted Business And Corporate Law Attorneys

As a twenty-first-century version of a law firm that was founded in Aurora in 1932, Dreyer, Foote, Streit, Furgason & Slocum, P.A., has earned the business community’s respect. Small to mid-sized businesses on the west side of the Chicago metro area can have all of their professional legal needs fulfilled through our firm. Our lawyers and legal staff provide a full range of services, from drafting contracts and filing trademarks to helping businesses navigate temporary shutdowns or dissolutions.

Our experienced attorneys represent businesses in litigation as well as administrative business law matters. Some corporate clients say that we fill the role of outsourced general counsel. Businesses and corporations that are too small to afford in-house counsel often subscribe to our general counsel on a fixed quarterly or annual rate. We are then available to deliver on-demand legal advice and representation as needs arise.

Bring Your Business And Corporate Law Matters To Our Attention

Under the leadership of John E. Dreyer (1929-2005) and other long-time team members, our firm established a solid reputation among businesses in this region over many decades. Thanks to our lawyers’ many accomplishments, we have a great storehouse of knowledge to offer in the following areas of business and corporate law:

  •  Business startups, operating agreements and shutdowns
    • Joint ventures, partnerships and partnership agreements
    • Asset purchase agreements
    • Commercial property leases
    • Employment agreements
    • Employee handbooks
    • Contract drafting, negotiations and troubleshooting
    • Goods and services sales agreements between businesses and between businesses and consumers
    • Uniform commercial code (UCC) compliance
    • Business dissolution
  • Corporation formation
    • Establishment and development of limited liability companies (LLCs)
    • Articles of incorporation and by-laws
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Stockholder meetings and other ongoing legal requirements for corporations
  • General business matters

If your organization has legal issues to resolve that are not listed above, please bring them to our attention. We have a great deal of experience evaluating needs, recommending solutions and guiding clients in the right direction.

To Request A Case Review By A Respected Business And Corporate Lawyer

We hope to hear about the legal challenges, whether urgent or on the horizon, that your business or corporation on the west side of the Chicago metro area is facing. We also advise law firms elsewhere in Illinois and agree to co-counsel arrangements when appropriate.

Reach our Aurora law offices by calling 630-934-2166 or completing a brief inquiry form.